Culture Versus the Unwitting Middle Manager

"Until Andrew could value people for their own sake, or at least believe in the connection between well-being and performance, slogans painted on head office walls would remain a mere string of self-conscious words"

How middle managers make or break your culture of well-being

Covid-19 caused many of us to stop and consider our physical health. As lockdown went on, stress and uncertainty in our work and personal lives soon made mental health a concern. In many organisations, this new fascination with health has translated into efforts to enhance corporate culture. The aim? To ensure that employee wellbeing is better supported.

Major brands with big plans: A write up of our event

Russam continue to thrive internationally as part of the WIL Group. This event, with our French Partners X-PM, gave us great post pandemic plans from major brands such as Nissan UK, L’Oreal and Microsoft.