ACEVO Calls for the Voluntary Sector to Think Hard About its Progress

Russam GMS are delighted to sponsor this year’s ACEVO Pay and Equalities Survey, an annual publication that has become one of the most important publications of its kind in the voluntary sector. The survey gives us the opportunity to take a close look at how charities are operating within the UK...

Weekly Roundup: Is it in the genes?

Last week we heard for the first time about Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, identical long-tailed macaques who were born several weeks ago at a laboratory in China.

Weekly Roundup: The cars of the future

Driverless cars are coming, but when? And once they do become ubiquitous, then what? There is so much discussion about atonomous vehicles and the technology behind them. The race is on, but no one knows for sure what the knock-on effects will be, on our habits, our jobs, and our cities.