The Gig Economy

It was a great honour to address the Winmark NED Group recently in a roundtable event sponsored by Russam GMS. The focus was The Gig Economy, the term given to the growing trend for short term contracts and freelancing to take the place of permanent jobs.

Business Impact of Brexit: How to Prepare

As the UK edges ever nearer to Brexit and a no-deal scenario becomes more conceivable, businesses are scrambling to prepare. How ready is your business for the UK to leave the European Union? How clear are you about the impacts that could affect you?

The role of the Interim in driving rapid business change

The role of the Interim in driving rapid business change. Since the early 70s, Interim Management has been an essential component of the British economy. Interim Managers are much sought after to lead change, manage projects and fix situations in a short timeframe – helping many businesses to overcome hard times.