ECI - Latest growth index

We are closely connected with ECI, one of the UK’s leading growth-focused private equity firms, and Managing Partner Sean Whelan has kindly allowed us to share a link to their latest growth index...

Innovative thinking & the world of Private Equity

In James Bannerman’s recent talk on ‘Innovative Thinking (within the world of Private Equity)’ - at the Ivy in Covent Garden – he opened diners’ minds to the far-reaching impact of business creativity, and how it can be used to inspire improvements in a firm’s profitability, productivity and performance.

Business Impact of Brexit: How to Prepare

As the UK edges ever nearer to Brexit and a no-deal scenario becomes more conceivable, businesses are scrambling to prepare. How ready is your business for the UK to leave the European Union? How clear are you about the impacts that could affect you?