Does your organisation have employee voice?

Well-being, commitment and innovation often suffer when employees feel they are without ‘voice’ in an organisation. Employee voice is key to ensuring that ideas and knowledge from across the workforce can be harnessed to drive innovation in product design, service delivery and improvements to working practices.

The benefits of humble leadership

We know that effective leadership isn’t based on the ‘command-control’ model. Good leaders should enable people to bring their best selves to work, be considerate of the barriers people face and work to remove them.

Interim Management, Brexit and IR35

Firstly, wishing you a happy Brexit day tomorrow; I’ve actually been invited to two parties to celebrate with one issuing Boris wigs at the door! Being a co-founder of the world’s leading interim management group – with about 20 offices across Europe and (currently) some really healthy trading relationships – I have some serious concerns!

Leadership in higher places

The opportunity to meet the legend that is David Hamilton created a high level of interest. There were so many questions around what pushed him to lead 10 expeditions to Everest, what he learned by doing so and what is he like?

Mental health in leadership

In times where more than one in five adults will experience mental illness at some point in their life, there is an increasing awareness of the importance that mental health plays in society and in the workplace.