The resilient CFO: Cathy Kay

Continuing on the theme of resilience, this is a vital trait for a CFO in startup companies or those going through a change of ownership. If the CFO is seen to be underperforming, it can present a tangible risk to the deal.

This is Open Banking

Changes in regulations and legislation will create opportunities in Fintech. We look at Open Banking. Exciting roles will emerge as the impact starts to be felt – we are already working with entrepreneurs building new platforms.

The changing face of the operations leader

One of the developments we are witnessing on the digital transformation journey is that the term ‘back office’ has been turned upside down and inside out. With data now seen as the most precious business asset, its guardians are now under the spotlight.

Lessons on anti-bribery and corruption

We were privileged to attend a round table discussion held by Winmark’s NED and Chief Legal Officer Network and of which Russam is a technical partner. Deborah D’Aubney, Director and General Counsel at Rolls-Royce plc delivered a candid talk on the firm’s travails over recent years.

Business Impact of Brexit: How to Prepare

As the UK edges ever nearer to Brexit and a no-deal scenario becomes more conceivable, businesses are scrambling to prepare. How ready is your business for the UK to leave the European Union? How clear are you about the impacts that could affect you?

Brexit and the Insurance sector: what’s coming?

The threat of a no-deal Brexit is looming, and business leaders are now rushing to explore the potential impact. One sector that could lose out significantly in this scenario is Insurance. What are the key issues and are there any potential benefits?

WIL Group hits its fourth birthday

This month sees WIL Group celebrate its fourth anniversary. The Group was founded on September 8, 2014 at the Hotel Normandy in Paris. It was born out of a growing need for interim management to become more globalised: to match the blurring borders of today’s business world.